Mediterranean island lifestyle at its finest!

Who could ever resist living on an island which is glowing in sunshine 300 days a year?! An island filled with glorious beaches and crystal clear waters. That affords residents the opportunity to live a life of paradise that most people can only dream of.

Experiencing the island’s sunrise is magical but it’s also the nightlife that makes Cyprus a dream destination. The island is filled with endless options when it comes to delightful restaurants and taverns that are great for couples or the whole family. While those looking to party will never experience a dull moment as the island offers all kinds of vibrant venues for late night clubbing. Really, when it comes to entertainment, Cyprus has it all!

Foodies can attest to the fact that the Mediterranean cuisine offered day and night is not only rich in flavours and aroma but ample in quantity. This is perfectly illustrated by experiencing a traditional Cypriot meze. When a dinner group orders Meze they’ll receive a traditional set menu where plate after plate are delivered to the table in quick succession filling up all available table space in no time at all!

Living on a small island comes with many benefits. One of the most critical relates to safety. Did you know that the crime levels in Cyprus are substantially lower than other European countries? Knowing that you and your family will be safe to enjoy the fabulous island life is a major comfort. Furthermore, the local hospitality makes Cyprus the ideal destination for not only families, but retirees as well.